2022-2023 University Catalog 
    Apr 19, 2024  
2022-2023 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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MUC 361 - Music and Meaning in Film, 2 credit hours

Prerequisite(s): ENG 131  
Music and sound play a vital role in the reception, interpretation, and enjoyment of films; yet their roles are often overlooked when a film is critically examined. This course examines the role of music and sound in film. The course will include a survey of the important writings on music and sound in film, as well as the development of terms and methods for analyzing and interpreting the soundtracks of films paying particular attention to music’s role in the soundtrack and the overall relation between soundtrack and image-track. Additionally, student will explore how soundtracks are put together and will be given an opportunity to create their own soundtrack to an image-track provided by the professor.

This is neither a course in analyzing music per se, nor a historical survey of film music, at least as traditionally construed. But it is analytical and interpretive, and we will address historical questions, especially with regard to style, genre, and influence. While helpful, courses in music and/or film history and analysis are not a prerequisite for success in the course. The main requirement is a willingness to listen carefully and to articulate what your hear.

Crosslisted: MUL 361  

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