2018-2019 University Catalog 
    Jul 22, 2024  
2018-2019 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

International Studies, B.A.

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Minimum credits required: 34-56 credits

(depending on prerequisites and language proficiency)

In order to provide an interdisciplinary basis for understanding global issues all students will choose one course from:

Plus one course from three of the four groups which follow:

Additional Courses:

The student should select four electives from among the courses listed below. All students are required to complete a research methods course as one of the electives. Special topic courses and interdisciplinary INT seminars may be substituted with the approval of the International Studies advisor. Students are responsible for meeting any prerequisites which exist within departments for upper level courses listed below.

Choose three of the following from at least two different disciplines:


International Studies majors are required to demonstrate knowledge of at least one foreign language, that is, a language other than their native language. Students must complete foreign language courses equivalent to two semesters of University level classes with the starting class dependent on a placement test administered by the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature (DFLL). Students who choose a language without prior knowledge may satisfy the requirement with two introductory level courses, i.e. 101 and 102. Students who have some prior knowledge of language (for example, in high school) must take the placement test offered in DFLL and enroll in 2 semesters of language according to their placement. Transfer students who have received passing grades in language at another institution can satisfy the language requirement using these classes. The language requirement may also be satisfied by completing a study abroad program containing a language component. Those students with any prior knowledge of a foreign language must be evaluated by the DFLL before enrolling in a DFLL course. Languages offered at BW which may be utilized to fulfill the requirement include Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Arabic, Italian and Portuguese. Non-native speakers of English complete the International Studies foreign language requirement by using English to attain a degree from Baldwin Wallace. Students presenting competence in other languages or encountering problems when needed courses are not available at BW should see the Chair of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature; who is available for help in establishing a program that ensures timely completion of the language requirement. International Studies majors are strongly urged to study abroad.

INT 463I Special Topics Capstone Seminar  - Each student takes an interdisciplinary capstone seminar focused on the analysis of contemporary global problems and requiring integration of knowledge from diverse fields of study. A research project is required. The seminar, which may be team-taught, will be offered spring semester by professors in the departments associated with the International Studies major, and will deal with selected topics chosen by the professor(s) offering the course. Consult the course schedule for relevant departments, time and topics. A student may repeat the seminar provided the topics covered are different. It is suggested that students register for the seminar in the junior or senior year after completing the basic requirements, though they may do so at any time with the consent of the instructor(s) involved.

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